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Pradeep brings a modern and fun twist to the traditions of Yoga. His loving nature, genuine heart and charismatic character are welcoming to any level of Yogi. Whether you are dabbling with yoga or a devoted practitioner you will find yourself at home with his teachings around the world.

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January 27th - February 2nd 2020

India Pilgrimage

February 9th - 19th 2020


April 18th-25th 2020

Santorini, Greece

May 2nd - May 9th 2020



Born and raised in a small village outside of New Delhi, Pradeep Teotia is an internationally certified yoga teacher who draws mostly from his training in India. He shares his passion for people through his renown retreat held around the world. Learn more about him here.


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Don’t have time to come on a week-long experience? Join our short retreat for a weekend or day.


what are others saying?

“Trying to describe a Pradeep yoga retreat is almost impossible. A yoga session with him is a hard sweaty workout, a philosophy class, meditation, chanting, dancing and all while the teacher is clapping and laughing and making jokes. It is incredible and life affirming without taking itself too seriously. If I could start every day with a yoga class with Pradeep and the amazing community he attracts, my life would be infinitely better.” — Stacey Gomez (San Diego, California)