We are grateful and humbled to be surrounded by a community of incredible people.

Here’s what they have to say:


“Pradeep welcomed our group of friends into his yoga retreat, sharing with us his passion for creating lasting friendships and challenging our bodies and minds to move and work in healthy ways. We loved the experience so much that we came back 2 years later as part of the bigger group and fell in love with the entire Pradeep yoga community - an open-minded diverse group of people with varied pasts and futures. I loved that each of us came with our own abilities and grew through meditation and yoga and forming friendships and growing our communities. I am grateful to continue forward as part of the Pradeep yoga community. During our time together, Pradeep and our fellow yogis, clearly convey “you are welcome” and “you are loved”. And I happily to continue sharing this message with others.” — Julie Watkins Torry (Walnut Creek, California)

“If you want to experience a truly amazing, challenging, relaxing, fun, real week, go to one of pradeep’s yoga retreats.  You can go alone and not feel lonely. People do not judge you or your practice and you leave with a family and community after being together for a short weekend or a week long retreat.  Pradeep challenges you, calms you, teaches you, makes you assess your life, thoughts, heart. You leave yearning to be better and want to practice more. You leave the retreat changed. You leave missing the people you were with during the retreat. You leave wanting more.  You become family. The retreat wherever you go is truly magical.” — Jenny Mao (San Francisco, California)

"It takes a special teacher to push his students through grueling, three-hour hot yoga sessions while still finding space for laughter, love, dance party and moments to sit down with a child and color with her on the yoga mat.  Pradeep brings both wisdom and playfulness to the practice and we love him for it." — Heather Boynton (San Diego, California)


“Pradeep is modern, Fun, encouraging, challenging, loving, genuine, charismatic, Warm, inspirational. The big cherry on top for Pradeep is Sarah!  Sarah is down to earth, loving, fun, non-judgmental and encouraging. The combination of this team makes these retreats! It’s an open forum where everyone is comfortable to be themselves and challenged to be their best!  

They are able to connect with each individual and inspire everyone which sets them apart from other yoga retreats!” — Sabrina Bennett

“places+practice+people=pradeep yoga

When I think about a retreat with Pradeep yoga the first thing that comes to mind is that I will be in a beautiful place that will nurture my spirit and allow me to unwind. And then there is the practice, that will inevitably provide strength and confidence, so that I can face what I may have brought with me and the challenges I will encounter when I leave. But the magic is the people.  Pradeep always brings together and nurtures a kind and supportive group of people, who create the true essence of yoga, pure love.” — Therese James (Graeagle, California)

“Pradeep adopted me and my friends into his retreat 2 years ago, and what a gift that was. He showed me that yoga can be more than a workout, it can be a  philosophy for life, a community of friends, and a place to celebrate and grieve and laugh. His sincerity and love for what he does and everyone who he shares it with is contagious, and impossible to ignore. He is a friend and teacher for life. Trying to describe a Pradeep yoga retreat is almost impossible. A yoga session with him is a hard sweaty workout, a philosophy class, meditation, chanting, dancing and all while the teacher is clapping and laughing and making jokes. It is incredible and life affirming without taking itself too seriously. If I could start every day with a yoga class with Pradeep and the amazing community he attracts, my life would be infinitely better.” — Stacey Gomez ( San Diego, California)

“My Brother and Yoga Teacher, Pradeep Teotia. It was a pleasure meeting you and experiencing your dynamic Yoga workshops. I have encountered many different workouts being a former All Pro Linebacker in the NFL, playing for New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars for a career of 8 Years. I just loved the Pradeep Teotia Yoga flow, it was vigorous but very smooth and I learned so much. Just tell me when the next one is and I’m there.” — Keith Mitchell (All Pro Linebacker – NFL)

“Pradeep brings our club, EQUINOX, pure joy when he teaches. Our members line up outside his class to participate and experience yoga. He allows even our newest members the experience to never take for granted, to open their hearts, breathe, sweat and laugh. Truly unique and always engaging, I appreciate with gratitude his devotion. Thank you, Pradeep!!!” — Jayme Boyle, EQUINOX Group Fitness Manager (Pine St, San Francisco, CA)

“I started yoga to stay in shape while recovering from tendon injuries in both legs. Because I couldn’t stand or walk normally for several months, I developed compensatory pains in my back and hips. I was in physical therapy twice a week and doing acupuncture, but the unrelenting tightness in my hips interfered with my circulation causing my legs to start tingling and my toes to become ice cold after sitting for only a few minutes. I took Pradeep’s class one day and immediately noticed my legs were finally warm! It truly felt like a dam in my hips keeping all the blood out of my legs was broken and I would finally start to heal. I have gone to almost all of Pradeep’s classes since my first day. I gained so much flexibility and strength – I am almost completely healed. I restored balance when I walk and don’t limp anymore at all. He puts so much care in the music and the experience of the class. You can see he closes his eyes and pays such close attention to how every movement in his instruction will feel to the body. I trust him to not misguide me to injury.”

“I feel I have also benefited emotionally and professionally from practicing with Pradeep. The more I practice with him, the easier my days become. I am so focused and attentive at work because I can settle my stress levels so quickly. I feel like my whole perspective has become more positive over these few months and I am very grateful to Pradeep Teotia for sharing his gift with me.” — Claire Fox, Attorney (San Francisco, CA)

“Words can’t express my extreme gratitude for my recent practice with Pradeep Teotia. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” — Scott Sarber, Yoga Teacher (Palm Springs, CA)

“I recognized Pradeep because of the big smile that I have seen in the photo ad. But in this smile I saw something different: I saw joy, I saw experience, I saw kindness, and most of all I saw knowledge. He waved me as if I was his friend of a long time and continued walking.
The class space was filled with greetings and laugh; people that exuberated with good energy and happiness. We were all waiting for him. He entered the room, again, as any other of us; without being seen, sat in front of everybody and began to talk. Between jokes, smiles and yoga philosophy the workshop had started. Two fabulous hours of continuing asanas, good breathing, elongation and jokes, lots of jokes, I took one of the most powerful sessions of yoga of my life.

I hope to renew this fantastic experience once more. He taught us a lot: healthy asanas, overpowering breathing but most of all: humbleness and generosity of heart. Thank you Pradeep, come back to Dallas soon.” — Francisco Casabal, Yoga In Me Studio (Dallas, TX)

“I have had the pleasure of practicing Yoga regularly with Pradeep this year. He is an excellent instructor with a deep understanding of Yoga as it relates to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. He has an infectious energy of positivity mixed with a disciplined and methodical approach. This combination has allowed his students to push further past their perceived limitations in a healthy, safe and encouraging environment uniquely created by Pradeep.” — Galit Szolomowicz, BArch, HOK (San Francisco, CA)

“Pradeep has the ability to bring out your true potential. I had a major epiphany is his workshop that anything is possible, and as he often says “practice and everything is coming”. I have learned that I can trust myself more on the mat and I am able to accomplish much more than I ever thought possible. His teaching was profound and his sincerity and willingness to share, not only his wisdom but parts of himself, was truly inspiring. Thank you Pradeep, you have guided me to deepen my practice.” — Michelle Kropiniski, Fitness store buyer (Grande Prairie, AB, Canada)

“Pradeep’s teaching is full of humor, warmth, encouragement, knowledge, joy, humility and gentle assistance. After Pradeep’s workshop, I found that his infectious enthusiasm had carried over into my own personal practice, revitalizing and energizing my daily yoga sequences.
He reminded me of my own first yoga teacher!”  — Carolyn Relei (Palm Desert, CA)

“Pradeep’s tough demeanor, which can be intimidating at first, is only the thin veneer on a big-hearted soul that can truly teach Hatha Yoga. Myself a small business owner/operator, aged 59, having not been able to stand on my head in nearly 25 years, ended up on my head after four days, with his assistance. I have rarely met anyone with the abilities of Pradeep and recommend him as an outstanding Yogi, who can teach Yoga to all, at any level.” — John Warner, Sivananda Yoga Centers (Toronto, Canada)

“Can one yoga class truly change your life? I wouldn’t in a million years have said yes, until it happened.
For about six years after a fall down my front door stairs on a rainy day I had chronic left shoulder pain. I went to a Stanford sports doctor who gave me a cortisone shot and it offered relief for a while. The pain and the tightness came back and progress. My arm would regularly cramp and spasm and my back muscles tightened. Everyday I couldn’t lift my hand above my head without considerable pain. I couldn’t reach back to grab a bag in the back of my car without a yelp. I thought I finally needed that MRI and maybe surgery. I felt quite hopeless that I was to age with this condition and my life would be limited.
So I came back to my gym after living in Tahoe for the winter. I was looking for energy, fun, connection, strength, and to loose a bit of weight. I thought I would just keep struggling with my shoulder. I took a few cardio classes tending towards the more joyful instructors with good music and trainers who knew me.
One day I looked at the board, Power Yoga with Pradeep Teotia was an option today. I just decided to go for it. After the class filled up and we nervously waited to begin Pradeep spoke how life was for smiling. I don’t even remember the exact words that he said. It was something like, we’re here, let’s enjoy it and lighten up, you all are too serious. It made me chuckle inside given the corporate clientele. I watched his body and other bodies begin to move in the class with a type of ease. He spoke of growing up with yoga and I could feel the India in him. He said things that rhymed with happiness that I was feeling in the world. I loved it.
So I just started doing it, doing the poses, letting go, pushing my limits, rotating, and feeling the joy that is our bodies in space. I became confident. I sweated. I was entertained. I laughed. I opened up to the powerful sequence of poses. After I left the class it took a little while to figure out that my shoulder didn’t hurt. It didn’t hurt at all.
I waited a couple of weeks to tell Pradeep. I didn’t want to jinx it. When I told him, he said, “you didn’t just make my day, you made my life.” Ditto. Thank You Pradeep.” — Humbly, Denies

“Pradeep will teach you how to breathe your heart and soul into your practice. He is the real deal. You must experience the unadulterated gifts of wisdom and joy he has to share…a transformation awaits!” —  Rebecca Robertson, Director of Fitness Programs, The Olympic Club (San Franscisco, CA)

“I’ve been practicing under Pradeep’s tutorship for a few months now and I could see and feel the differences that it was making in my life and body from the second week in his class. Because of him, Yoga is now a centering place for me; a safe haven that gives me peace, comfort and energy to face the stress and hectic pace of my life. After doing yoga with Pradeep, I can breathe better, sleep better, relax my body muscles more easily, focus better, retain more mentally and physically and I have the energy to be a more productive citizen of society.” — El Beh, Cornish & Carey Commercial (San Francisco, CA)

“Pradeep brings to class a positive, up-beat attitude that is infectious to all those in attendance. He encourages students to challenge themselves during the asana practice and not to be afraid to fail. Most impressive was Pradeep’s attention to detail. He focused his full attention on the students and was constantly walking around, looking for and correcting mistakes. To conclude, Pradeep is amazingly adept at performing the most difficult of poses, which is why I highly recommend him for any yoga-related, media activities that involve print, film, and television.” — Stephen Medwid, Yoga instructor (Tarrytown, NY)

“Pradeep’s teaching style is clear, concise, he uses wonderful projection with his voice; but more importantly he is encouraging, humble, graceful and never loses his sense of humor – and to be taught by someone of Pradeep’s nature only serves to bring out these same qualities in all of us taking his class. I have never felt my practice stronger than the week of taking Pradeep’s classes, not simply because he challenged me with more complex variations or by holding postures for longer than I am used to, but because he believed in me.” — Sherry Sidoti, Fly Yoga, Martha’s Vineyard (Cape Code, MA)

“I was extremely fortunate to have such a fantastic yoga instructor for my first experience. I never understood the hype about Yoga and I wasn’t really sure I could even do it with my sore back and bad knees but Pradeep encouraged me to try, just go at my own pace and told me to not watch the others around me. He is the type of teacher I think everyone would hope to have.” — Kristina Castro, Clear Bridge Advisors (New York, NY)

“I would like to take the time to thank you for your services as the 2008 Gator Youth Sports Summer Camp yoga instructor. Below are just a few written comments I received from the families:
– “To my surprise, my two boys like yoga the best. The instructor really did a nice job.”
– “I believe this was my daughter’s favorite class! She really enjoyed yoga! She stated, ‘The instructor was very nice. Helped me to relax by teaching us how to breathe correctly and stretching our muscles.” — David S. Walsh, Ph.D., SFSU ( San Francisco, CA)

“Pradeep is a very good Yoga teacher with lots of experience and lots of challenges. He challenged the people even he helped and adjusted us in the different kind of Yoga postures. He is teaching continuously, discipline and with a kind of humor, which I really like.” — Jutta Schmeling (Kriftel, Germany)

“In just 6 days, Pradeep helped take my practice to a much deeper level. During his classes I felt inspired, confident and safe as he led us through the Sivananda postures and the variations. He was able to instill a greater belief in myself that I didn’t know was there and I am grateful. Throughout his teachings it was very clear how passionate he is about, not only his own Yoga practice, but the growth of each individual student in his class.” — Kyle Handrahan, Student of Sivananda Paradise Island Ashram

“In my experience, I have found Pradeep to be profoundly knowledgeable in the spiritual philosophy and physical anatomy of Yoga. During his lifelong background in Yoga and his experience as a professional athletic trainer, he has attained a solid foundational knowledge of proper positioning, as well as rich insight into the needs of students. Pradeep is rare in that he is fully engaged and knowledgeable enough to guide students to perceive their ability beyond their current awareness and vision.” — Robin Gulenchyn, Admin Assistant, Levi’s (San Francisco, CA)