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Yoga Teacher Training - Albuquerque, NM

Hot Yoga Downtown - Yoga Teacher Training

So you want to be a yoga teacher?

Excellent!  We are excited for you to begin your journey.  While there are several reputable places to train, we have certain requirements at our studio.  It is important to us that there is continuity of instruction at Hot Yoga Downtown, and that we are familiar with whom you have trained  and what you have learned.

If you have never taught yoga before

The training will begin with a one week intensive July 11-17, 2016, followed by 8 subsequent weekends (every other weekend)
Send your registration inquiries to info@hotyoga-abq.com

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yyoga - Brussels, Belgium

Join Pradeep at yyoga and celebrate what you have, create a more powerful life experience, improve your courage, confidence and patience, get a strong and stable core for centered movement, find a balanced strength throughout the upper and lower body, build strength and flexibility, and improve your breath connection to increase endurance and receptivity.


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The Yoga Movement Dallas

Join Pradeep Teotia for an awakening of the heart and spirit! Being to celebrate joy and passion in your practice through opening and listening to what’s inside. By breathing deeper into poses, start shifting compassion from your mat into the rest of your life. Blend pranayama, asana, music and sweat to build strength and flexibility while letting go of struggle.

Vigorous yet mindful Vinyasa flow rapped with love and devotion.


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