India Pilgrimage with Pradeep
March 11-21, 2018


Journey with Pradeep to India for a week of yoga and Ayurveda at the luxurious Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village, plus three days exploring the backwaters in the southern state of Kerala.

At the resort, Pradeep will lead our group in yoga practice twice daily, and resort chefs will nourish our bodies with healthy and organic food and drinks.  No alcohol is served or permitted onsite making this the perfect retreat to restore and renew your body and mind.


Between practice sessions, you will have the opportunity to relax by the pool, walk along the beach, or enjoy massage, spa and Ayurvedic treatments. As a group we will walk into town to explore the local temples and sights, with Pradeep as our guide.


Exploring the Kerala Backwaters


In addition to our resort stay, we will also spend a few days (3 nights) exploring the Kerala Backwaters on a houseboat tour. From the decks of our convoy of boats, we will take in the lush palm-fringed lakes, wildlife, boat-filled canals loaded with coconuts and cashews, and backwater villages washed by the waters that provide villagers with their main form of transport along the network of rivers, canals, lagoons, and watering rice paddies.

We will travel and sleep in a modern version of the traditional kettuvalam haulage vessels, which are crafted from woven coconut-fiber coir without the use of a single nail. Each traditional houseboat is complete with on-board chef, crew and entertainment. 

For those who want more...

At the end of this 10-day trip, participants may also choose to travel north with Pradeep for one week. This extended trip involves flying from Kerala to New Delhi. Participants will stay in New Delhi, and Pradeep will accompany you to visit Agra, the Taj Majal, and other sacred sites. Pradeep will also take you to his village, where you will meet his family and see his home.

This 7-day/6-night add-on is an additional cost per person of $1,000 which covers all local lodging and transportation in and around New Delhi and Agra.  Airfare to New Delhi from Kerala, food and drink not included.

Proposed Schedule:
Wednesday 3/21- arrive Delhi
Thursday 3/22 - tour Delhi
Friday 3/23 - travel to Agra
Saturday 3/24 - Agra
Sunday 3/25 - return to Delhi
Monday 3/26 - Pradeep's village (Mansurpur), sleep there
Tuesday 3/27 - return to Delhi for late night departures

If you are interested in adding this trip onto the yoga retreat, be sure to add it to your cart below. Guests will be asked to book their own air transportation, coordinating this travel with others in our group. We will arrange local hotels and transportation and group meals.


This retreat is no longer open for registration but there are so many other lovely retreats still open! Check them out :D 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which airport should I fly into?
We recommend you fly into Trivandrum International Airport. It’s close to the retreat center and transportation is already arranged!

When should I arrive?
You should plan to arrive on Sunday, March 11 to check into your room and settle in. Depending on what time folks arrive and how everyone is feeling, we might do an evening yoga class / meditation. 

When should I leave?
If you are not booking the North trip to New Delhi and beyond then you should plan to fly out of Kochi Airport on the evening of Wednesday, March 21st / Thursday March 22nd. We will be arriving back from the houseboat on Wednesday morning and will arrange for transportation to Kochi Airport that day.

If you are traveling with us to the North, you should plan to leave on the evening of March 27th / morning of March 28th out of Indira Gandhi International Airport, which is right outside of Delhi. We will be arranging cars to the airport that day as a group once we have a sense of who needs what and when. 

Which room type should I choose? 
There are three (3) different levels of accommodation at Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village. 

Kerala House rooms are secluded and have a view of the ocean as well as private lounging areas. These rooms include A/C and can accommodate two people in a shared bed or a single person. 

Special Cottages face the ocean and have either a full or partial view. These are spacious rooms that can accommodate two people in separate beds or one person. A/C arrangements can be made upon request and with a small fee. Please indicate your preference for A/C in your registration.

Garden Cottages are the best choice for the budget-friendly. These rooms have all the right amenities and can accommodate two people in separate beds or one person. 

Should I book a single or a double?
A single room means you want the room type all to yourself. A double means you are going to share your room with someone else. Select the “double” rate and we will do our best to match you with someone. If you already know who you want to room with (and that person has signed up for the retreat also or plans to do so) then let us know when you register in the registration form. 

Do I want to go to the North?
It’s up to you! We’ll spend the retreat in the southern part of India which is very different from the North, and if you’ve never been to India, you should go North! You’ll see the Taj Mahal, travel through Golden Triangle, and get to experience the capital of this amazing country. 

How much are flights to the North?
Last year we flew local airlines and spent around $80 USD per person. We’ll be booking this really close to the retreat so apologies that we don’t have more concrete numbers! If you’d prefer to book your own flight in advance, you can absolutely do so! We’ll travel from Kochi Airport to Delhi on Wednesday, March 21st.

How much should I budget for this trip?
It’s tough to say. Your retreat will cost you (on average) $2,600 USD. That includes room and board at Manaltheeram and on the houseboat, as well as the fees for other activities we have scheduled. All ayurvedic and special treatments at Manaltheeram are an additional cost, and anything purchased outside of the retreat is, of course, additional. The currency in India is the rupee and you should check the exchange rate for your country to help you set your budget. In general, India is a very inexpensive country and a little goes quite far.  

I have more questions. Who do I ask?
Ask away! Send an email to