India Pilgrimage 

February 9 - 19, 2020


Join Pradeep in India for a week of yoga and Ayurveda at the newly opened AyurSoma property plus three additional days exploring the backwaters of Kerala on traditionally built house boats.

Join Pradeep in India for 7 days of Yoga & Ayurveda and then 3 additional days floating the backwaters of Kerala on a traditional southern India house boat. This is exclusively our only 10-day retreat. After the retreat, we invite you to join us for an additional week of travel to discover India further.

 This unique and special retreat will start at the AyurSoma Resort, the latest edition of Somatheeram Ayurveda Group. We will spend 7 days at this beach side Ayurvedic Resort - enjoying morning chai, meditative walks to the beach, traditional Ayurvedic meals and treatments, temple tours, a special visit to Shivananda Yoga Village as well as two yoga and mediation classes per day.

 Following our stay at AyurSoma, we will be picked up in vans and carted through the streets of Kerala until arriving at our private house boats to take us on a journey through the backwaters of Kerala. Each boat has three double rooms, dinning and lounging area, on board kitchen and plenty of room to move about and enjoy the incredible views from this on water vantage point. The boat crews will prepare all of your meals, surprise you with afternoon snacks and chai, and teach you about the unique human and wildlife inhabitants of the backwaters. Yoga on the boat is always a must and no day is complete without an evening walk through the tiny towns. 

 As a special treat for traveling all the way to India, we have added an additional 7 day tour through New Delhi, Agra, and Pradeep’s Home. This extended trip is an additional cost. All details and package options are listed below. 


AyurSoma showcases the best of Ayurveda and provides expert physicians and therapists. Based on the three doshas of the human body, vata, pitta and kapha, every guest is diagnosed by traditional scientific techniques and administered the most appropriate advice and therapy accompanied by a suitable dosha specific diet.




We will also spend a few days (3 nights) exploring the Kerala Backwaters on a houseboat tour. From the decks of our convoy of boats, we will take in the lush palm-fringed lakes, wildlife, boat-filled canals loaded with coconuts and cashews, and backwater villages washed by the waters that provide villagers with their main form of transport along the network of rivers, canals, lagoons, and watering rice paddies.

We will travel and sleep in a modern version of the traditional kettuvalam haulage vessels, which are crafted from woven coconut-fiber coir without the use of a single nail. Each traditional houseboat is complete with on-board chef, crew and entertainment. 



Feb 9                Fly into Trivandrum Airport, arrive at AyurSoma

Feb 9 - 16         Retreat at AyurSoma 

Feb 16              Depart AyurSoma and arrive on House Boats

Feb 16 - 19       House Boat Excursion

Feb 19              Depart House Boats arrive in Kochi. Fly home or continue the journey North with Pradeep as your tour guide

Package Includes

Yoga + Spa

2 yoga classes daily at resort

1 yoga class daily on the boat

free WiFi (at resort and on the boat)

yoga mats and props


Temple Tour 

Shivananda Yoga Village Tour (Center where Pradeep received his Yoga Teacher Training)

Traditional live music at dinner while at AyurSoma

Cultural performance on house boat


7 nights at AyurSoma Resort

3 Nights on House Boat on the Backwaters

Airport transfers from Trivandrum Airport to AyurSoma

Private Van transfers from AyurSoma to house boats

Private van transfers from house boats to Kochi Airport


3 Ayurvedic meals per day at AyurSoma

3 meals per day on boats prepared by boat crew

Morning Chai, coffee, or tea with fruit

Bottled water at resort & on boat

*AyurSoma is an alcohol free Ayurvedic resort, this week will be a true detox from substances

NOt included

International Airfare to Trivandrum Airport

International Airfare from Kochi Airport

Travel Insurance (recommended)

Additional Spa or Ayurvedic Treatments

Alcoholic beverages for the House Boats


AyurSoma Resort

All the rooms are luxuriously appointed combining modern amenities with the charm of traditional architecture. You can select from a number of accommodations according to your needs. 


Each Boat is equipped with a communal dinning table, additional seating in the front of the boat, three rooms each with double occupancy and private bathrooms, kitchen for the staff and open walls to the water for incredible views. 

All accommodations are double occupancy. Boat and room placements will be determined by travel companions and total group size. This adventure is included in your retreat package, no additional fees will be applied.



At the end of this 10-day trip, you can choose to extend your trip by traveling for an additional 6 days with Pradeep in the North of India. This is your opportunity to see more of the country with a private local tour guide (Pradeep). This extended trip involves flying from Kochi to New Delhi where we will start a 6 day journey touring with Pradeep to sacred sites around Delhi, Agra, including the Taj Mahal. A very special part of this trip includes an over night stay at Pradeep’s family home, where you will be greeted with homemade traditional meals and family style accommodations. We will then say our good byes in Delhi where everyone will catch their flights home.

This 6-day/5-night add-on is an additional cost per person*, which covers all local lodging and transportation in and around New Delhi and Agra.

Airfare to New Delhi from Kerala, food and drink not included.




Feb 19         Arrive in Dehli

Feb 20        Depart Delhi for arrival in Agra

Feb 21         Tour Taj Majal

Feb 22         Depart Agra for arrival at Pradeep’s home

Feb 23         Depart Pradeep’s home for arrival in Delhi

Feb 24          Delhi International airport for departure flights          


Local lodging (in Delhi, Agra, and at Pradeep’s Home)

A private van for the comfort and ease of our journey

Entrance into the Taj Mahal

Two homemade meals by Pradeep’s Family


All meals & drink

India Extended Trip
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Which airport should I fly into? 

Schedule your arrival flight to land in Trivandrum Airport on February 9th, no later than 5 PM. You can find international flights to Trivandrum or grab a local connector flight from Delhi International Airport or any other major airport in India. IndiGo Airline is recommended for domestic flights.

When should I arrive?

You should plan to arrive in Trivandrum no later than 5 PM on February 9th. 

When should I leave?

RETREAT ONLY: Schedule your departure flight to leave from Kochin International Airport on February 19. DO NOT book your departure flight any earlier than 5 PM on the 19th. We will end our House Boat tour on February 19th and the drivers will take us straight to the Kochin International Airport.

EXTENDED TRIP: If you are staying for the extended trip to the north, you will book a local flight from Kochin International Airport to Delhi International Airport. IndiGo Airline is the recommended airline to fly for domestic flights and you can expect to pay $60-80 USD for this flight. Your final departure will be from Delhi International Airport on Feb 24. 

Which room type should I choose? 

If you are traveling with a friend or loved one you should book a double room. If you are traveling alone you can book a single room or if you are flexible with getting a roommate you can book a double room and we will place you with a roommate of the same gender. 

Do I want to go to the North?

This trip is completely optional however, If you have the holiday time it is highly advised you join for this adventure. It is a rare opportunity to have Pradeep as a private tour guide through some of India’s most treasured temples and monuments. It is also a once in a lifetime opportunity to stay in the home Pradeep grew up in, meet and feast with his family, and to walk the fields of his family sugar cane farm. 

How much are flights to the North?

Local flights vary between $60-90 dollars. 

More questions?

Please contact