India Pilgrimage 

February 9 - 19, 2020


Join Pradeep in India for a week of yoga and Ayurveda at the newly opened AyurSoma property plus three additional days exploring the backwaters of Kerala on traditionally built house boats.

At the resort, Pradeep will lead our group in yoga practice twice daily, and resort chefs will nourish our bodies with healthy and organic food and drinks.  No alcohol is served or permitted onsite making this the perfect retreat to restore and renew your body and mind.

Between practice sessions, you will have the opportunity to relax by the pool, walk along the beach, or enjoy massage, spa and Ayurvedic treatments. As a group we will walk into town to explore the local temples and sights, with Pradeep as our guide.


AyurSoma showcases the best of Ayurveda and provides expert physicians and therapists. Based on the three doshas of the human body, vata, pitta and kapha, every guest is diagnosed by traditional scientific techniques and administered the most appropriate advice and therapy accompanied by a suitable dosha specific diet.




In addition to our resort stay, we will also spend a few days (3 nights) exploring the Kerala Backwaters on a houseboat tour. From the decks of our convoy of boats, we will take in the lush palm-fringed lakes, wildlife, boat-filled canals loaded with coconuts and cashews, and backwater villages washed by the waters that provide villagers with their main form of transport along the network of rivers, canals, lagoons, and watering rice paddies.

We will travel and sleep in a modern version of the traditional kettuvalam haulage vessels, which are crafted from woven coconut-fiber coir without the use of a single nail. Each traditional houseboat is complete with on-board chef, crew and entertainment. 



At the end of this 10-day trip, participants may also choose to travel north with Pradeep for one week. This extended trip involves flying from Kerala to New Delhi. Participants will stay in New Delhi, and Pradeep will accompany you to visit Agra, the Taj Majal, and other sacred sites. Pradeep will also take you to his village, where you will meet his family and see his home.

This 7-day/6-night add-on is an additional cost per person, which covers all local lodging and transportation in and around New Delhi and Agra.  Airfare to New Delhi from Kerala, food and drink not included.



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